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Where climate is friend



This innate sensitivity has teamed with the producers’ ability to interpret the needs of modern consumers, embracing their consumption philosophy and satisfying their penchant for savouring “bubbles” throughout a meal or for an aperitif, the contemporary icon of Italian style. This new horizon, matured in a context of respect for the environment and enhancement of the local landscape heritage, is one of the most important challenges faced by the Protection Consortium; the Consortium has amended the production specifications with the addition of white spumante wine, which by decree must only bear the “GARDA” appellation on the label.


The new guidelines followed to redefine the appellation were, on the one hand, based on the history of a deeply rooted product with a strong identity and, on the other, they have removed obsolete parts.

The ampelography of the Garda Doc specifications has remained the one traditionally related to the Doc productions of the entire area, which starts from the Soave Doc wines up to the Valtenesi Doc wines and includes 10 historical appellations of this area. Spumante wine (even made with a blend of grapes) is the core type of wine of the appellation and is the common denominator that unites the seven million bottles produced in this area under various names.