Garda’s sparkling Wine



Nobody in the family remembers which ancestor started making wine.

Certainly in the picturesque and ancient Borgo di Cantrina, the Averoldi have been winemakers and cellarmen for many generations; now it’s up to Francesco to continue the tradition. The love for their land and the defense of typicality are the inspiring principles of Francesco Averoldi, always careful to interpret the new needs of the market.

The wines of Averoldi are thus born from constancy, experience and diligent work: the search for quality while respecting tradition.

The work in the cellar is inspired by the maximum enhancement of the raw material.

The sorting and harvest are strictly manual, each particle is collected and vinified separately, each batch is controlled and monitored at each stage of fermentation, and then proceeds to the best possible assembly afterwards. This laborious elaboration leads to enhance complexity, balance and elegance in our wines.

History, tradition, nature, craftsmanship, passion, research and innovation are intertwined in the products of the Averoldi di Cantina farm.

Our company also stands out for the awards received from our wines and for the citations in some important guides such as: “Guide to Italian Wines”, “Gambero Rosso”, “Guide to daily Wine”. You are invited to visit the vineyards and the cellar and to taste our wines. You will be welcome guests.

An extraordinary wine
 in an extraordinary land