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Cantina Bottenago
Posizione Cantina Bottenago


Cantina Bottenago is a company based on wine production. The focus on the organic product is fundamental, respecting the environment and the quality of its wines. Located between the hills of Valtenesi always renowned for producing red, white and rosé wines of first quality from red wine “Groppello” DOC to rosé Riviera del Garda Classic “Chiaretto” , up to Benaco Bresciano IGT. The Riviera del Garda turns on the most genuine colors and tradition and passion meet in order to create the characteristic flavor of the Garda Bresciano wine Classic DOC.

The desire to go back to our roots to create something that has never been done before, the need to restore the fertile land with its ancient colours and fragrances, the recollection of a tradition undergoing continuous development. Cantina Bottenago is all this. This is the story of a territory that materialises in the taste of its own wine, work carried out with patience and passion. We select the vineyards with the utmost care, we check each and every bunch harvested, and we meticulously perform each stage of the production process in order to reach the highest level of excellence. For us, a sip of wine is a moment that should leave you speechless.

An extraordinary wine
 in an extraordinary land