Garda’s sparkling Wine

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In the context of a far-ranging business reorganization, with the goal of communicating with improved clarity and of providing increased product visibility, Cantina di Soave, one of the leading wine producers in Italy and on the international stage, is changing its name. Its new name will be CADIS 1898.

CADIS 1898 is actually an acronym comprised of the initials of the historic name, accompanied by the foundation year of the group.
CADIS 1898 will be the umbrella entity for the four main wine production cellars: Cantina di Soave, Cantina di Montecchia, Cantina di Illasi, and Terre al Lago.

In the future, the markets will see the Soave-area wines as the Cantina di Soave brand, the Valpolicellas as Cantina di Illasi, the Lessini Durello wines as Cantina di Montecchia di Crosara, and finally, the Garda, Bardolino and Custoza wines as Terre al Lago.

An extraordinary wine
   in an extraordinary land