Garda’s sparkling Wine



The farm “La Prendina” has recent history in the wine sector, was acquired in 1958 and the cultivation of the vine, after profound changes to the hydrogeological structure, was started by taking advantage of the experiences gained in Custoza by the owners. Much older are the first traces of the existence of Prendina as a farm. The cartography at the time of the Gonzaga, Lords of Mantua, reports the existence of the Prendina, more recent verbal testimonies handed down the presence of a church and a tower, historically called “dovecote”, a typical three-storey square-based construction, the which is part of the current buildings and is currently depicted in the company logo. Initially the wines were marketed under the Cavalchina brand, the first wine to bear the name of Prendina was a Merlot bottled in 1980 for Gualtiero Marchesi; even today Merlot is the grape that gives the best results. However, we must wait until 1990 to see La Prendina born as a completely independent brand. The success of Prendina relied precisely on the Bordeaux vines and the “Vigneto del Falcone” was the company’s flagship wine in the guides, competitions and tastings.

The corporate philosophy can be summed up in one word: respect. The attitude tending to the minimum environmental impact, the processes that aim to enhance the concentrations without altering, but highlighting the peculiar characteristics of the cultivars, the cellar work that follows rather than imposing evolution are the inspiring lines of our wines. Wines prepared more to accompany than to distract from the combination with food with the aim of pleasure with simple-complex fullness

An extraordinary wine
 in an extraordinary land