Garda’s sparkling Wine



It was founded in the early 1900s by Angelo Virgili, a descendant of Luigi, who saw in the vineyard a valid alternative to animal husbandry rooted in the area. So it was that they started the first vine planting in the bottom called “IL SERRAGLIO”. In the early 1900s they acquired the “Montaldo” company located north of Mantua on the morainic hills that act as a natural dam formed during the glaciations on Lake Garda. In Mantua, the geographical and economic center of the province is the transformation cellar. Cantina Virgili is developing a very ambitious and dynamic export program in various countries, and especially in the United States and Europe.

Since the last two decades of the last century, the Virgili family boasts knowledge in the field of viticulture: Luigi Virgili (grandfather of the current owner of the same name) was the tenant of the marquis Benedetto Sordi at the Argona di San Giacomo delle Segnate, where he produced wine. Later with his son Angelo he moved to the Varana di Quistello and the second generation cultivated and vinified in Bondanello before moving to Mantua, where Angelo passed the baton to his son Luigi. The latter is now supported by the third generation of the Cantine Virgili, namely by their sons Andrea and Paolo. In the Via Donati store the Virgili family awaits you.

An extraordinary wine
 in an extraordinary land