April 5th-8th 2019 

Verona is ready to become once again the city of the wine!

In a few days the Vinitaly & the City kermesse will start and this year the Garda Doc Consortium, that has been chosen as official wine of the event, will be the protagonists of many appointments.

On last April 1st, the CinemaDiVino Show opened with a Garda Doc tasting.

On the next day, even the Vinitaly & The City Press Conference held in the Verona City Hall was concluded with a toast with the Consortium bubbles.

Next appointments are:

– At the Inauguration toast for Vinitaly and the City with the Garda Doc Sparkling Wine in the location Piazza dei Signori on April 5th.

–  In the lounge settled up at the Arsenale Gardens during the whole event.

– At the ex Dogana for all the participants to the Wine Experience “Mezza Luna del Vino”.

–  From April 5th till 7th even on the Garda Lake, in Bardolino with Vinitaly and the City Bardolino at Villa Carrara Bottagisio and Parco Carrara Bottagisio.

We are waiting for you to toast together with Garda Doc sparkling wines!